Custom Songs by Marklyn 

A song written just for you to give.... A unique and personal gift of a song, that expresses your thoughts and feelings for that special someone.... A song to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime event.... A song to communicate your message to the world.... Marklyn works with you to bring your ideas and concepts to life in lyrics that blend with music, creating a song just for you. 

Personal and Commemoration Songs 
A custom song written for that special someone in your life, saying through music and lyrics the things that are important to you. 
A song written for a new-born baby... 
A song for a birthday... 
Your very own wedding first dance song... 
Recognition of life events... 
Engagement, Marriage, Anniversary, Birth, Bar-Mitzvah, Bat-Mitzvah, Memorials, .... 
or just a song to say "I love you" 

Special Event Songs 
Conventions, Seminars, Theme Parties, Product Launch, Annual Conferences.... 
Your message communicated in song. 

Custom song clients say.... 

"Working with Marklyn to create the perfect song could not have been any easier. I needed the PERFECT gift for our 20 Year Anniversary and this really was it. After a brief meeting and a few edits he put to music every tiny nuance of what I always wanted my wife to hear from me. It was amazing to hear my voice expressed in Marklyn’s music. Playing our song for the first time left my wife speechless not to mention hearing Marklyn play it for us live later that week. Every so often I play it for her when we are going somewhere either alone or with the kids to cheers and “awes”. This is seriously one of the most memorable gifts you can ever give someone and we could not be happier. Sooo many thanks to Marklyn for creating this memory." 
B. C. from California 

Marklyn made this process so personal! When he interviewed me to pull out all the unique things about our relationship he grabbed on to some really touching pieces that shined in our song. We love it!  Thanks Marklyn!!! 
T. B. from California 

Working with Marklyn was amazing. I have never written a song or anything close to it, so had no idea how it would work or if I could even collaborate with him in an effective way to help him come up with something good. Marklyn was very thorough and patient and what he came up with in the end exceeded any and all of my expectations. The song was a beautiful and unique gift that will be cherished in my family for generations. 
AC from New York 

What Marklyn created for us is absolutely priceless! He has a true gift of writing meaningful music and lyrics and made a momento for us that will last a lifetime and beyond. We are blown away with our wedding song and overcome with emotion every time we hear it. We can't thank him enough and think everyone should have Marklyn create their own special song for them. -
E and L from California 

Order your custom song today 

Full Band Package -- A radio-ready version of your custom song, with full band instrumentation and harmony vocals. Includes professional recording, Digital delivery in high-resolution and low-resolution formats, and lyric sheet, instrumental version of the song, and custom ring tone.  $3000 

Custom Acoustic Package -- A radio-ready  "unplugged" version of your custom song, with acoustic guitar and vocals. Includes professional recording, Digital delivery in high-resolution and low-resolution formats, and lyric sheet, instrumental version of the song, and custom ring tone. $1750  

Schedule your consultation soon as limited song slots are available. 

Song Samples 

Here are some examples of custom songs Marklyn has written for a variety of occasions. Scroll through the player below to hear all the songs.

Let Myself Shine Through -- Funky groove song created for branding, messaging, and client information for a cosmetic surgery practice

Love as Big as Mountains -- California Reggae style Wedding Song 

She Calls Me Love -- Custom song for an anniversary 

Perfect -- Anniversary celebration song with a requested John Mayer type feel 

E Ola Koa -- 60th birthday celebration song for a man nicknamed "Koa" who loves koa wood instruments 

Adrian -- Song to commemorate and celebrate baby Adrian's 1st birthday 

Coolgroove -- Custom instrumental used in the surf movie On Safari Again, featuring Joel Tudor and Wingnut 

​ Footy McFooty Face -- April Fool's Day prank Stadium Anthem for Soccer City SD as a fake team name announcement. 


Why should I order a custom song? 

There are many reasons why you might want to order a custom song. Perhaps you’re getting married and want your own personalized song for your first dance. Maybe you want to give a gift to your spouse for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. You may want a special song written in remembrance of a loved one that has passed on, or to welcome a new addition to your family. If you’re a speaker, author, or coach, think of how empowering it would be to walk out on stage to your very own theme song filled with inspiring lyrics. Ordering a custom song could be as simple as wanting to hear your story put into a melody. 

How much does a custom song cost? 

Having your own original song is priceless, but what is your initial investment, you wonder? Just as no two songs are the same, no two events or budgets will be the same. Custom song cost is usually $1750 for an acoustic version or $3000 for a full-band recording. When you are ready to get started in creating your custom song experience, please schedule a chat with Marklyn to discuss pricing and payment plans specifically for you. 

What is included in the custom song cost? 

The interview and the complete song process. (See chart for further explanation.) All aspects and expenses related to the writing and recording process, Digital delivery in high-resolution and low-resolution formats, and a copy of an audio CD of the custom song is also an option.

What do I get when I order my custom song? 

You will receive a digital download of the radio ready song in several formats. If you'd like one, you'll receive a CD in a jewel case. You’ll also get an instrumental track to sing along with if you’d like, as well as a custom ring tone of the song to use for your phone. 

Can I get a ring tone for my phone made from my custom song? 

Of course! A ring tone made with a clip of your custom song is included with each order. 

Are there more things I can order to add to the song? 

A custom music industry plaque with laser engraved lyrics to your song, a personalized music movie, framed hand written lyric sheets, and other option are also available for an additional charge. A custom song video made with photos and/or video you provide, or even a completely original song video are all posibilities. The cost for making a video will depend on what type of video you would like. Feel free to ask for what you’d like during the consultation interview. 

How long does it take to get my song? How far in advance should I plan to have the song for my event? 

Once you’ve given final approval on lyrics and melody, it will generally take from 4 to 6 weeks to complete the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering process. In addition to the writing process, we work with the schedules of studios, musicians, and mastering engineers along the production of the song. When this is completed, you’ll have immediate access to the digital content, and 2 day shipping will be used for any physical product. Ideally, you’ll want to order your custom song at least 2 months before your big event. Rush options are available and can be discussed during your consultation. 

Who owns the rights to the song? 

Marklyn will own the publish rights and copyrights to any and all songs he writes and records. There are, however, options available to purchase the rights to your song, as well as mechanical and sync licenses. These options will be presented and discussed in full before beginning the songwriting experience. 

Who will sing on the track? 

Marklyn is the vocalist for most custom songs, however, occasionally you may prefer a female vocalist, or a duet with male and female vocals singing together. Please discuss your preferences during your consultation with Marklyn to determine how you want your song to sound. Marklyn works with many different professional musicians and will bring in the most appropriate ones for your song. Ultimately, this is your song, and you’ll be able to choose. 

Is there any type of song you can’t, or won't write? 

Marklyn can write a song for you in any genre you’d like, covering just about any topic, or story you’d like in song. 

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse song proposals that are vulgar in nature, contain profanity, or that discriminate against race, religion, gender identity, culture, or ethnicity. 

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